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Crowns and Blood D&D Adventure

Crowns and Blood

D&D 5th Edition Adventure

Strange events are unfolding near Astien. The kingdom has been cut off from the rest of the area and merchants dare not travel on the roads winding through the ancient forest that has become unusually silent.

  • 45 pages of horror-themed adventure
  • Original artwork
  • Best for levels 4-7

Serijna's Outpost Plug-and-Play Module

Serijna’s Outpost

D&D 5th Plug-and-Play Module

The outpost near the old merchant road has long been abandoned. A darkness once fell upon the place and some think it is still haunted. Now a group of bandits decided around a particularly cruel half-elf decided to set up camp there.

  • Easy to introduce into any campaign
  • Original character artwork and backgrounds
  • Outpost map and plot seeds