I made my own d20!

I made my own d20

Now for a while making your own die, as in d20, was something of a mystery to me.

I heard somewhere on the interwebs that people do indeed to this stuff but it was one of those things you hear but you’re not really sure if it’s true. So, on one fateful day, I stumbled across a youtube video (probably while watching some Critical Role) that showed someone casting their own dice out of a mold they made based on their actual dice. I think at that point, as it often happens, the seed was planted in my brain – I need to try it.

Looking through options a bit, I saw that you can actually buy dice molds made from rubber for really cheap, so no need to cast my dice (and clean them after). Awesome.

I ordered a set from Wish (there are a LOT of sets there really) and then also bought some resin and some colours from Amazon.

All in all not too expensive, I think I paid a total of 40 Euros (similar in 38 GBP or 43 USD) and – hey.. making your own dice is AWESOME, right?

Once everything arrived it was go-time. In my case you mix the two components of the resin 2:1 (b ased on weight), stir it. I used two toothpicks to stir because for one d20 you don’t really need too much material.

Next I poured the resin in, added the little lid that comes with the dice to seal everything up and waited for what seemed like an eternity (patience is not my strength). I think it took about 5 hours until I could take the die out of the mold. And while not perfect.. what a thrill!

My. own. D20. Whoa.

Here is how it came out *cue some angel’s choirs here*

Next: add colours, think of some awesome types of dice you can’t buy .. maybe cast a skull inside the die? Let me know if you every tried it out!


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  1. I actually printed a whole set of dice using my 3D printer. they roll pretty decently, and you are right making your own set of dice is awesome.

    1. I wouldn’t even have thought about 3D printing dice – but must be pretty cool. Do you not get issues with rough surfaces this way though?

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